More Image and Text options

In the search for an easy to use plugin to create a slider with images and text, I came across Huge IT Plenty of options to customize. This also allows you to pull images from your Media Library. Content Slider [huge_it_gallery id=”2″] Slider Wish the text would format in paragraphs like this: A great big pipe… Continue reading More Image and Text options

Adding Text to Images

How do I add text to a Media Gallery? Recently a client asked me how to add text to images in a slideshow on WordPress. This is an example of a slideshow using the gallery from Jetpack. Hover over the bottom of the pic to see the caption. But what if you want the text… Continue reading Adding Text to Images

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WordPress-Using the Grand FIA Gallery

The Grand FIA Gallery is a versatile way to manage media in your WordPress site. Install the plugin following the directions here or searching in the plugin panel for Grand Flash as I showed here. Then follow the instructions in the video to make your first slideshow!