Social Media-Deeper, not Wider!

The surest way to make social networking pay is to build deeper relationships with fewer people. Likes and follows and witty tweets may create awareness for your brand and open doors for actual networking, but nothing can deliver the payoff of actually helping someone else get what they want or connecting with someone who can help you get what you want.

Making your Home Adaptable

If you are remodeling your existing home with outside stairs, we can design a tasteful and
complimentary ramp to your home in place of the stairs.
Doorways and hallways should be at least 36” wide allowing for wheelchairs and walker to
easily maneuver from room to room. Additional, we recommend using lever door knobs that
make opening and shutting door easier.

Growing Your Business

Growth is change. It requires more processes, controls and people. Too much growth too quickly can create financial and quality risks that if not properly managed can lead to the demise of the business. Keeping tabs on all of these factors can easily overwhelm business owners.