jQuery Lightbox for Native Galleries

This is another wordpress plugin I am trying out, thanks to Bob Dunn over at For Bloggers by Bloggers. Well, I think I do like it. Still want a way to use a Picasa album to show like this, the search continues….

Picasa Albums

  In my search for a simpler way to share photos in WordPress I am using Picasa in conjunction with Google +. This embedding the slideshow from Picasa You can adjust the size, autoplay and captions     This is just using the HTML for album, and it takes the viewer to online album. Accent… Continue reading Picasa Albums

Picasa Photo Viewer

One of my biggest (and maybe only) complaints about WordPress is handling images. Between file sizes, viewing options, alt tags, galleries and hosting, there are a ton of details. Having a multi author blog, it is even harder for new posters. I started using Picasa with my Mac’s Iphoto program last year with a nice… Continue reading Picasa Photo Viewer