Next Gen vs WP Media Manager

Many agree that photo management in WordPress can be “clunky” at best. If you are loading your images at the same time you are writing a blog post or creating a page, Media Manager is fairly simple. But if you want to try and organize your photos because you may want to reuse them later, it can be difficult.

NextGen Plugin

If you like to sort, tag, watermark and manage your photos, NextGen is highly rated. Here is a sample gallery. There are a few more steps involved, you have to create an album or gallery and then insert the code, which is easily done with a few clicks from the editor.

[slideshow id=1]

WordPress Media Manager

This is a new feature to the latest WordPress upgrade. If you just want to quickly add photos and don’t worry about haveing to go search for images in your media library later, this works fine. You don’t have to create an album or gallery first, you just upload the images directly into the post, either from the media in your library or from a file.

There are several options to choose slideshow, columns, etc.

By Chris Haught

Chris is the editor of Blogging Painters, a site she developed to help contractors build their business. She also provides consulting and website development to people who wish to create their own Wordpress site.

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