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One of my biggest (and maybe only) complaints about WordPress is handling images. Between file sizes, viewing options, alt tags, galleries and hosting, there are a ton of details. Having a multi author blog, it is even harder for new posters.

I started using Picasa with my Mac’s Iphoto program last year with a nice little plugin that lets me share photos on G+ with one click. Now that Google has added some editing tools in the G+ albums I think I may have found a solution. Now I just had to figure out how to embed the photos into WordPress, here is the plugin I found (and a nifty looking site I will have to explore!)
[nak_google_picasa_albums show_albums=5741803786988420049]

Well, this does not seem to be the answer I wanted! Spent all afternoon trying to get it to work. I can get one picture to show, but not the album. Time to reach out to the developer!

[nak_google_picasa_albums show_albums=113502447300486713566]

A little more searching and I found this plugin. I do like the idea of not hosting the images on the site.

It did work very nicely to be able to access my Google/Picasa albums in WordPress. I’d still like to be able to click on them and go to G+ album. And I would like it to be a viewer, or page like the album, but embedded. Asking too much?

Here is the link to the page it created.

Still on the search for a good solution, I found this plugin and am trying it out.

[googleslides albumid=”5741803786988420049″ userid=”113502447300486713566″]

This is better, wish it would link back to G+ or have some controls though! I did get an error when I added the shortcode to the functions.php file, have to resolve that!

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